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Nikolaus Lecture 2022

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Nikolaus Lecture 2022


Friday, 2 December 2022 | 16:15 | Online

Jamie Facer Childs

(London North West University Heaalthcare NHS Trust)

Hosted by BSRT Symposium 2022 Committee
Chiara, Giorgio, Ioanna, Isabell, Lan Vi, Sijia, Ugarit



Nikolaus at the South Pole: Chasing the Light 2021, a scientific mission by foot and kite to the South Pole



Explorers Dr Jamie Facer-Childs and Justin Packshaw MBE set out to cross the wilderness of Antarctica. Facing the brutal conditions the White Desert throws at one and all, the pair used man-power and the polar winds to cover over 2,000km of frozen, barren, wind-swept terrain to reach the South Pole. In doing so they promote sustainability and the importance of maintaining the planet as they recorded changes in the Antarctic Ice from climate change for ESA. They worked with NASA to provide detailed scientific data on the adaptability of the human body with regular micro sampling of blood in the challenging conditions which will contribute to a growing data on genomics and multiomics. It proved to be a highly exciting and adventurous expedition and a test of fortitude and survival in some of the most hostile conditions found on our planet. mics in the pursuit of a healthier approach to research.


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