BSRT Graduate School

Project 10

Extracellular matrix coding and reading: alterations under compromised conditions and consequences for cell behaviour in tissue regeneration conditions

Biology track
Supervisor 1: 
Petersen, Ansgar
Supervisor 2: 
Knaus, Petra
Supervisor 3: 
Sophie Görlitz


Our group “Celullar Biomechanics” is an international and interdisciplinary team that tries to steer tissue patterning through an enhanced cell-biomaterial interaction via the design of structured biomaterials for bone regeneration. We therefore combine the fields of engineering and cell biology in a translational setting of regenerative medicine.


The demographic change towards a progressively aged population is of growing relevance for the field or regenerative medicine. It is even of particular relevance for bone regeneration, which, as one of the very few tissues in the human body, exhibits a natural scar-free healing potential. However, particularly elderly patients suffer from delayed or incomplete healing. Describing and understanding modulations of healing cascades is critical to develop and optimize treatment strategies. Aside of aging, additional risk factors such as obesity are discussed as a cause for delayed or unsuccessful bone healing of these patients [1]. We are investigating the influence of obesity and aging on key processes of bone regeneration by simulating tissue formation in vitro [2]. Insights gained during this project will help to develop novel treatment strategies, which are capable to steer bone regeneration processes even under compromised conditions such as obesity and aging.


We are currently looking for a highly motivated student with a background in biology, biotechnology, biochemistry or similar disciplines. The student will employ standard molecular biological and cell biological techniques but also advanced imaging and 3D micro-tissue culture. We provide an open, friendly and communicative team that allows the development of your own ideas.




1. Ambrosi TH, Scialdone A, Graja A, Gohlke S, Jank AM, Bocian C, Woelk L, Fan H, Logan DW, Schurmann A, Saraiva LR, Schulz TJ. Adipocyte Accumulation in the Bone Marrow during Obesity and Aging Impairs Stem Cell‐Based Hematopoietic and Bone Regeneration. Cell Stem Cell. 2017. 20: 771‐84.e6


2. Brauer, E., Lippens, E., Klein, O., Nebrich, G., Schreivogel, S., Korus, G., Duda GN., Petersen, A. Collagen Fibrils Mechanically Contribute to Tissue Contraction in an In Vitro Wound Healing Scenario. Adv Sci (Weinh). 2019,6(9), 1801780.