BSRT Graduate School

Project 13

Developing a photo polymerisation based 3D bioprinting for personalized wound treatment in 0 gravity

Engineering track
Supervisor 1: 
Duda, Georg
Supervisor 2: 
Lutz Kloke (Cellbricks)


In our group “Angiogenesis and Immuno-Mechanics” we are as an international and interdisciplinary team unraveling basic mechano-biological principles of early tissue self-assembly as essential drivers for tissue regeneration. We could successfully translate earlier findings into clinical applications in patients suffering from delayed wound healing. We are seeking a young talent to develop jointly with an industrial partner an additive manufacturing approach for wound treatment in flight. Additive manufacturing processes (AF) make it possible to manufacture products and spare parts on site as required. AF with living cells, i.e. bioprinting, is becoming increasingly important, especially in the manufacture of medical products for personalized therapy. For this purpose, living biological structures are printed, which can be used as a personalized autologous tissue replacement, for example for the therapy of injuries such as cuts, muscle wounds or fractures. For long-term stays in space, such a technology offers the special option of being able to react immediately to injury events and thus being able to quickly create and use personal medical supplies for astronauts if necessary. Our partner Cellbricks GmbH has specialized in the additive manufacturing of individual medical products and tissue replacements. Their photopolymerization-based bioprinting technology is fast, mature and enables the production of complex 3D structures in which a large number of cells and materials can be combined. The technology has already proven itself in the manufacture of multicellular, biologically active organoids and in the manufacture of scaffolds for three-dimensional cell cultures and is used in medical research. Charité and Cellbricks GmbH combine their competencies to optimize the printing technology so that it meets the requirements of space travel and enables the printing of biological wound closures as a personalized therapy even in weightlessness.




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