BSRT Graduate School

Career Mentoring

The BSRT offers a career mentoring program in collaboration with the Humboldt Graduate School and the Dahlem Research School. The goal of this career mentoring program is to support doctoral students in their personal and professional development through an informal and confidential relationship with an experienced person (mentor). Mentee and Mentor meet regularly over a period of one year during which the mentee receives help and advise towards their next career steps.

BSRT students receive support by the coordinator for the mentoring program of the Humboldt Graduate School to find their mentor. The Dahlem Research School offers a special career mentoring program for female students. It is recommended that clinician scientist shall be supported by a mentor throughout their training as a medical or surgical specialist and BSRT students of the Biology and Engineering Tracks shall participate in the career mentoring in their third year. They will draft a personal career opportunity and strategy assessment plan under the guidance of their mentor to look beyond the times at the BSRT when they will enter their professional career.

In addition, workshops are offered to support the mentee's career development:

Benefits for Mentees

  • Receive support for successful transition from dissertation to next career step
  • Gain overview of career paths
  • Clarify own profile
  • Strengthen career motivation
  • Gain knowledge about the structures of the academic system
  • Develop strategic career planning
  • Establish network

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