BSRT Graduate School

Clinical Development

Title of Event: 
How to translate basic research into real-world clinical applications?
Optional or Mandatory: 
This course is optional for doctoral researchers at the BSRT

Objectives: During this two-days’ workshop on Translational Research you will experience interactive problem-solving with participants working in teams. The teams will focus on two different case studies from two diverse points of views (scientists and regulators). During the workshop you will find out what Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product (ATMP) means and what are the regulations governing the production and the use of these therapies. Further on, you will learn about the design of clinical trials for Biologics and you will experience the differences between Industry and Academics in using ATMP.


Who should attend: BSRT student, BCRT scientists and clinicians as well as others, who aim at translating their basic research discoveries in the field of regenerative medicine into clinical application.


Day 1
09:30 Get together: Course Introduction & Introduction of Participants 
10:00 Assign groups & Warm up 
10:15 Reflection on Roles: Scientists & Regulators 
10:45 Presentation Scientists (2 groups) 
11:00 Presentation Regulators (2 groups) 
11:15 Feedback on Presentations 
11:30 Coffee break 
12:00 Hand out Case Studies to the Groups 
12:10 Introduction of the Two Cases 
12:30 Discussion Round with the Participants 
13:00 Working on Tasks 
13:30 Lunch Break 
14:30 Continue Working on Tasks 
15:15 Closing Remarks for the First Day 
15:30 End of the First Day

Day 2
09:30 Warm Up

09:45 Conducting the Scientific Advice 
10:45 Prepare Presentations (2 groups) 
11:30 Coffee break 
12:00 Conduct the Presentations 
12:30 Feedback on Presentations 
13:30 Lunch break 
14:30 Comment Session: Questions & Answers 
15:00 Closing Remarks 15:15 Evaluation: I like, I wish, How to 
15:30 End of the Worksho