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Statistic in Basic Research
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This course is optional for doctoral researchers at the BSRT
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We have the duty of formulating, of summarizing, and of communicating our conclusions, in intelligible form, in recognition of the right of other free minds to utilize them in making their own decisions. (R.A.Fisher 1955)


Research is related to statistics at every single step: Papers you read to develop your hypotheses report various statistics to describe data and justify conclusions, in planning your experiments you apply statistical tools to get an idea about sample size, once you have some results you have to summarize your data and make decisions with respect to your research question. This introduction seminar will provide you with the necessary knowledge about underlying concepts, relevant technical terms, and frequently used tests. You will learn how to select the appropriate statistical procedures for your own data and how to run some basic tests in SPSS. The seminar will focus on understanding the ideas of statistics rather than the math behind it and will have the following topics:


  • Significance / Power / sample size
  • Outlier / data checks
  • Classification levels / scales
  • Cross-tables
  • Normal distribution
  • Means and deviations
  • Tests for mean differences; one- vs. two-tailed significance
  • Univariate ANOVA / ANCOVA / repeated Measures ANOVA
  • Correlation / regression
  • Survival Analysis (Kaplan Meier / Cox regression)