BSRT Graduate School


The BSRT uses a credit system to manage the study program which is designed analogous to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Each student has to accumulate 180 credits during the three year doctoral program. 150 credits are given for the work on the doctoral project. 30 credits have to be accumulated through participation in the study program of which 75% should be for participation in Scientific Modules and 25% for participation in Complementary Modules.

The credits for each module will be announced on the BSRT website but as a simple approximation, one course day will earn 0.5 credits.


  • Presentation at an international conference or a BSRT event such as the BSRT Retreat will earn 1.0 credit for a poster presentation and 1.5 credits for an oral presentation.
  • Writing and submitting the Project Proposal or a grant application will earn 2.5 credits.
  • Satisfactory attendance at the Mentoring Committee Meeting will earn 1.0 credit.
  • Contributing to the organisation of the annual PhD Symposium as a main organiser will earn 4.0 credits.
  • Gaining awards for scientific excellence will earn 1.0 credit.


This table shows an example of a typical curriculum.


1st year Credits 2nd year Credits 3rd year Credits
Scientific Courses

Introduction course

7.5 1 week of course work 2.5    
    Retreat Poster Presentation 1.0 Retreat Oral Presentation 1.5
    Intern. conference poster presentation 1.0 Intern. conference oral presentation 1.5
Writing Project Proposal  2.5        
Mentoring Committee Meeting 1.0 Mentoring Committee Meeting 1.0 Mentoring Committee Meeting  1.0
Clinical Rotation 2.5        
Complementary education
1 week of workshops in soft skills 2.5 Organisation of PhD symposium  4 1 week of workshops in soft skills  2.5