BSRT Graduate School


 Lectures & Seminars

During the semesters we recommed to visit the regular seminar series dealing with different aspects regenerative medicine. It is mandatory to visit at least 10 lectues of the BCRT Lecture Series "Linked in Regeneration". The seminars listed below will earn BSRT students credits. As a simple approximation 1.0 credit will be earned for visiting 10 seminars of one seminar series. In order to confirm participation BSRT students must sign the participation list, otherwise participation will not be accounted for.


BSRT Symposium

Every year BSRT students organise the BSRT Symposium on aspects of regenerative medicine for young scientists worldwide. The symposium is concluded by the Nikolaus Lecture which is open to the general scientific community.


The BSRT PhD Student Award for the most outstanding publication for progress in Regenerative Medicine will be awarded each year in December.