BSRT Graduate School

Nikolaus Panel Discussion 2017

Title of Event: 
Nikolaus Panel Discussion 2017 - 01 December 2017
Optional or Mandatory: 
This course is optional for doctoral researchers at the BSRT

14:00 Nikolaus - Panel Discussion
“Homo deus“: Are we creating super humans and is our society ready for it?

Moderator: Mathew Hill (BBC radio)

Panelist  – Ethics: Paul Root Wolpe (Emory University)
Panellists – Politics: Jan van Aken (former MP)
Panellists – Science: James Adjaye (University of Düsseldorf) – Andrew Carr (University of Oxford)


15:30 Closing Remarks & Award Ceremony of BSRT Symposium 2017: Recognize, Repair, Regrow - Personalized Biomedicine Rises


15:50 Award Ceremony for the BSRT PhD Student Award 2017

17:30 to 18:00