BSRT Graduate School

Family Services

Child or the nanny is ill, kindergarten is closed … and now? All faculty members or students at the the BSRT have access to the KidsMobil and family room which will help them combining family, education and career. A child care service can also be provided during events organised at the BSRT.

Family Rooms

BSRT faculty and students can use the family room at the BSRT Charité Campus Virchow-Klinikum in the Föhrerstraße 15 or the family room at the HGS in the Luisenstraße 56 near the Charité Campus Mitte. The family rooms can be used when the parents have to take their children to work for a few hours. Please contact the coordination office for further information.

Kids Mobil

KidsMobil is a flexible child care service for children between 8 month and 12 years. It is free of charge for all Charité employees as well as BSRT students and faculty members and can be used in emergency situations when the normal child care is not available. The KidsMobil is a service of the “Die Bildungspartner” who provides the professional child carers.

Requirements for using the services of the KidsMobil

  • Child is recovering from illness, but can’t yet go to school or kindergarten etc.
  • The regular child care (kindergarten, day nanny, babysitter) is cancelled unexpectedly
  • The parent has to take on duties outside the normal working hours
  • Participation at scientific conferences or similar events at short notice

For more information about KidsMobil on the Charité website click here.
BSRT students or faculty members who are interested to use the KidsMobil please contact the BSRT coordination office

If you want to book the KidsMobil please contact:
Ms Christiane Radtke
Torellstr. 1
10243 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 97002886 
(Mo to Fr 10:00 – 12:00 for bookings for the next day)
Fax +49 30 20078465