BSRT Graduate School


 Personal friendships form, professional networks are established and careers take shape in a young scientists formative years. This requires careful guidance by senior members of the BSRT as well as a strong commitment of the BSRT students themselves. In addition to the scientific mentoring, the BSRT supports its doctoral researcher in the transition from their doctoral studies to the next career step by means of a career mentoring program.

Scientific Mentoring

It is BSRT policy that each doctoral researcher is supported by a scientific mentoring committee of three experienced scientists who are experts in the different related disciplines. Doctoral researchers and their mentoring committee meet on a regular basis. The senior scientists assist the PhD students in developing their personal research and education plan and discuss the progress of their work.This fundamental process within the BSRT education program ensures the highest standard of research. Read more...

Career Mentoring

In higher education career mentoring becomes more and more important to guide doctoral researchers in their career development. Special career mentoring programms are therefore offered in collaboration with the Humboldt Graduate School and the Dahlem Research School. Read more...