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Nikolaus Lecture 2020

Nikolaus Lecture 202004.12.2020 16:00 - 17:00 (Fri)Rachael RelphOnline
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Rachael Relph: Creating a culture of sustainability through science
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This course is optional for doctoral researchers at the BSRT






Nikolaus Lecture 2020


Friday, 4 December 2020 | 16:00 | Online

Rachael Relph

(My Green Lab)

Host: Nurcan Haştar (BSRT)



Creating a culture of sustainability through science



Last year’s Nikolaus lecture dealt with the health of the Earth and the responsibility of each and every one of us. In this year’s Nikolaus lecture, we want to take up this topic and look at the possibilities of what scientist can do to help our planet regain its health. You cannot fail to notice the waste scientists produce during their lab work. Labs are one of the most resource-intensive spaces in any industry.


My Green Lab says they don’t have to be! My Green Lab is a non-profit organization that aims at fundamentally and permanently improving the sustainability of scientific research. By simply introducing a new perspective, My Green Lab has helped tens of thousands of people make a positive change to their work and create a culture of sustainability in the lab. Rachael Relph will show us how we can put this into practice at our institution. So join this Nikolaus lecture and learn what you can do to reduce waste during your daily lab work.


Rachael Relph is the Chief Sustainability Officer at My Green Lab. Working with educational and research institutions around the world, Rachael helps scientists adopt greener laboratory practices through our My Green Lab Certification Program, as well as educational and outreach activities. Rachael holds a PhD in Chemistry from Yale University, and previously led sustainability and Design for Environment programs for major life-science companies.


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