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Linked in Regeneration

Linked in Regeneration04.04.2019 16:30 - 17:30 (Thu)Cranach House Auditorium
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Regeneration of the adult vertebrate brain: lessons from the zebrafish
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This course is optional for doctoral researchers at the BSRT

"Linked in regeneration" wants to offer young and senior scientists from Berlin to come together and discuss with internationally renowned guest speakers how to advance research into regenerative medicine and its translation into the clinics. The Lecture Series Linked in Regeneration 2018 is organized and hosted by young postdocs of the Berlin-Brandenburg School for Regenerative Therapies.



Thursday, 4 April 2019 | 4.30 pm

Speaker: Michael Brand

(Centre for Regenerative Therapies Dresden)

Host: Juliane Münch (BSRT Postdoc)



Regeneration of the adult vertebrate brain: lessons from the zebrafish


Michael Brand is professor at the University of Dresden and institute director of the Centre of Regenerative Therapies in Dresden. His research focuses on the function and activation of neural stem/ progenitor cells in the brain and retina. This involves studies unveiling, how stem cells contribute to the repair of the injured brain in zebrafish, to identify fundamental repair mechanisms that fail in mammalian neural systems. In this context his group identified inflammatory signals as a key for stem cell activation in regenerating neural tissue. 


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