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Science Communication - Advanced Scientific Drawing

Science Communication - Advanced Scientific Drawing06.09.2022 10:00 - 14:00 (Tue)Christian HiepenCranach House 0.0043
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Science Communication - Advanced Scientific Drawing
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This course is optional for doctoral researchers at the BSRT
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Take a look at benchmarks in Science like Cell- and Nature- Press and realize how much work is dedicated into the visual aspects of high quality publication. In this 2-hour practical course, we will explore and discuss the world of scientific drawing. Visualization of your scientific ideas, biological processes, workflows and data is today a central aspect in scientific communication. May it be your next paper, review, your thesis or your next grant application, all will benefit from thoughtful and aesthetic graphics that facilitate your ideas and work.


We will discuss the basics of scientific drawing and:

  • Compare different graphic software for the creation of individual artwork including CorelDraw, InkScape, PhotoShop and cloud-based solutions such as Biorender
  • Discuss at the example of good and bad artwork which artistic decisions place a scientific message into focus
  • Each participant will use his/her PhD project idea to create an own scientific drawing of high quality that will be presented, discussed and improved over the course


The course is planned to be held in person. If the number of participants is too low, it will be held online.