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Teaching - Student Centered Coaching

Career - Student Centered Coaching Skills09.11.2022 09:00 - 16:00 (Wed)Fabian Feutlinske
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Teaching - Student Centered Coaching
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This course is optional for doctoral researchers at the BSRT
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This course offers a two-day workshop on student-centered coaching methods. In short seminars, you will learn about problem based learning (PBL) methods and other methods such as Design Thinking that are used to encourage knowledge acquisition and problem solving through group collaboration. You will learn when and why a coach is required and about the different roles a coach can assume. In teamwork, you will design and plan the PBL sessions for the next BSRT course “Introduction into research in regenerative therapies”. You will get hands-on experience in coaching during one PBL session of the following BSRT introduction course under the supervision of Fabian Feutlinske. One PBL session takes usually no more than half a day. During the PBL sessions, you will guide the teams of new doctoral researcher and help them in their transition from students who are used to passively acquire knowledge in lectures and from text books to becoming the next generation of researcher who take matters into their own hands and solve problems independently.



You need to have already participated in the BSRT course “Introduction into research in regenerative therapies”



Fabian Feutlinske has a PhD in Biochemisty and Molecular Biology from the Freie Universität Berlin and several years of coaching experience. He moderated the PBL sessions in the BSRT introduction courses and he has been the BioThinking Coach in various research projects funded by the Einstein Center for Regenerative Therapies.



Two workshop days and one day hands-on experience in the following BSRT course “Introduction into research in regenerative therapies”.