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Advanced Technologies – Pre-Clinical Model Systems

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Advanced Technologies – Pre-Clinical Model Systems
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This course is optional for doctoral researchers at the BSRT
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This course offers a 2.5-day advanced training on preclinical animal models.


The course starts with a short discourse on the history of animal experimentation in science, covers regulatory aspects and will introduce the 3Rs principle, which has evolved into 6Rs and could even be extended to 7Rs. Furthermore, animal experimental work will be discussed from an ethical point of view and alternatives to in vivo research will be addressed. New technologies such as the use of genetic modifications and resulting test systems will also be a topic. In this context, the time required to create a transgenic animal model will also be addressed and its advantages and disadvantages discussed. The goal of trying to mirror clinical patient conditions in animal models will be challenged.


The course will include some introductory lectures but aims to engage you in lively discussions stimulated by group exercises.