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Where can I find a medical doctor?


There are general practitioners (GP) and medical specialists. It is advisable to seek a GP first. He will examine you and refer you to a specialist if necessary. Many doctors in Berlin do speak English - only the receptionist might not - so you should ask at you local GP practice if the doctor speaks English. We recommend that you find a local GP in the area where you moved in before you get ill in order to know where to go when you are. If you want a doctor speaking you mother tongue you can ask at your embassy for contacts or search on the website of the "Kassenärtzliche Vereinigung" (in German only, but easy to use).

f you have a public health insurance you will have to pay 10 € medical fee per quarter when consulting a doctor. Those who have private medical care don’t need to pay the 10€. With a letter of referral you won’t have to pay the medical fee at the specialist’s practice. You can also go directly to the specialist, but without a letter of referral you will have to pay 10€. An exception is the dentist: GP’s can’t refer to them and you will have to pay the 10€ when seeing the dentist no matter if you have already paid at any other practice.

The BSRT coordination office cannot help you in finding the rigth specialist at the Charité, because we cannot give you medical advice. If you want to be refered to a specialist at the Charité ask your GP!