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Cardiovascular System

Cardiovascular System11.10.2018 09:00 - 17:30Christof StammDHZB
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Regeneration of the cardiovascular system: research background and clinical options
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Introduction: What is heart disease, why do we need regenerative medicine
- How to diagnose heart disease – visit echo and MRI
- How can the cardiologist treat heart disease – visit cath lab
- How heart surgery is done – visit OR
- Treatment of patients on the ICU – visit ICU
- Heart transplantation and mechanical assist devices for heart failure – visit transplant & assist
- How to prepare stem cell products for cardiac cell therapy – visit clean room lab
- Viable tissues for heart surgery – visit tissue engineering lab
- Intrinsic regeneration of the myocardium (Neoangiogenesis, Myocyte mitosis vs. hypertrophy)
- Experimental strategies for cell-based cardiac regeneration (library, Skeletal myoblasts, Embryonic stem cells, Bone marrow cells, Neonatal stem cells, Gene therapy)
- Clinical cell therapy for heart disease