BSRT Graduate School

Allowance for a ab exchange


Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers of at the BSRT are encouraged go on a lab exchange with international partner institutes to learn new approaches which will help them to progress in their research work. The BSRT can support doctoral and postdoctoral researchers of the BSRT by paying an allowance for the first three months for their trip abroad. The allowance is in accordance with the DFG guidelines (please click her for further details) and can be used to pay for travel and accommodation expenses in accordance with the German Travel Expenses Act (Bundesreisekostengesetz, BRKG).


An application with the detailed description of the research that will be conducted during the lab exchange and the reasons why this lab exchange is important for the progress of the own research project has to be submitted to the BSRT coordination office. Please use the application form for a lab exchanges which can be requested from the BSRT coordination office. The application must also mention if other grants are available for this lab exchange and if the applicant will also submit an application to the other funding bodies.


The allowance for the lab exchange is granted depending on the quality of the proposed research and the justification for the lab exchange. The allowance for a lab exchanges can only be given once to each doctoral or postdoctoral researcher. Up to four young scientists can be funded per year. Lab exchanges to labs in Germany will not be supported.


There will be four submission deadlines per year:


31 January  ⋅  30 April  ⋅  31 July  ⋅  31 October


Please submit:

  • The completed application form. Please request the application form from the BSRT coordination office.
  • The invitation of the partner laboratory where the lab exchange will take place.
  • The BSRT supervision agreement if it has not yet been submitted to the BSRT coordination office.
  • A copy of the university admission for the doctorate if it has not yet been given to the BSRT coordination office
  • The project proposal, progress reports and minutes of the thesis committee meetings if they have not yet been given to the BSRT coordination office.