BSRT Graduate School

PhD Students

Name and Nationality Project, Institute and Track
oaldiab's picture Ola

Ischemic preconditioning related mechanisms of renal protection | Biology Track
Medizinische Klinik m. S. Nephrologie und Internistische Intensivmedizin

Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Duska Dragun (†) - Georg Duda - Angelika Kusch

alvess's picture Sónia

Lower limb loading and symmetry after primary unilateral hip replacement | Engineering Track
BIH Julius Wolff Intstitute

Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Georg Duda Sara Checa - Alison Agres

sbakhshandeh's picture Sadra

Extracellular Matrix Biophysical Cues in Dormancy and Bone Metastasis | Engineering Track
Max Planck Insitute for Colloids and Interfaces

Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Peter Fratzl - David Mooney - Amaia Cipitria

lbatool's picture Lilas

Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis | Biology Track
BIH Center for Regenerative Therapies

Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Andreas Kurtz - Petra Reinke - Manfred Gossen

roemel414's picture Roemel Jeusep

Role of human extracellular matrix poperties in central nervous system regeneration | Biology Track
BIH Center for Regenerative Therapies

Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Sarah Staroßom - Ansgar Petersen - Harald Stachelscheid

wburdzinski's picture Wiktor

Resolving the Activin A Receptor complex and its endothelial function in Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) | Biology Track
FU - Institut für Chemie und Biochemie

Scientifc Mentoring Committee: Petra Knaus - Holger Gerhardt - Jerome Jatzlau

BurkhardtL's picture Lisa

Adipogenic/osteogenic lineage differentiation of stem cells influences the healing | Biology Track
BIH Julius Wolff Institute

Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Katharina Schmidt-Bleek - Tim Schulz - Georg Duda

jcampo's picture Juliana
Campo Garcia

Investigaing the role of chitinase like proteins in human oligodendrogenesis and disease progression in multiple sclerosis | Biology Track
Institute of Medical Immunology

Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Carmen Infante DuarteSarah Staroßom - Harald Stachelscheid

mcarolina's picture Carolina
da Silva Madaleno

Nuclear mechanotransduction and genome organization: emerging players on linking ECM cues to TGF-β/BMP signaling during bone regeneration | Biology Track
FU - Institute for Chemistry and Biochemistry

Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Petra Knaus - Stefan Mundlos

daher's picture Ugarit

3D tissue models for preclinical testing of augmented CAR T cells | Biology Track
BIH Center for Regenerative Therapies

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Leila Amini - Regina Stark - Harald Stachelscheid