BSRT Graduate School

PhD Students

Name and Nationality Project, Institute and Track
mgummi's picture Manasa Reddy

Chronic Inflammation in Uremia | Biology Track
Medizinische Klinik m.S. Nephrologie und Internistische Intensivmedizin

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Markus Tölle - Mirjam Tölle-Schuchardt - Sophie von Linthout

Nurcanh's picture Nurcan

Role of Membrane Scaffolding Proteins Mediating Apical Polarity in Endothelial Cells | Biology Track
FU - Institute for Chemistry and Biochemistry

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Petra Knaus - Sigmar Stricker - Christian Hiepen

ciwert's picture Christina

The role of mitochondira for differentiation and function of regulatory T cells | Biology Track
Charité - Institute for Medical Immunology

Scientific Mentorign Committee: Birgit Sawitzki - Andreas Thiel - Emanuel Heitlinger

Mahdi Jaber's picture Mahdi

Multiscale Modelling and Optimization for Scaffold-Aided Bone Regeneration in diabetic patients | Engineering Track
BIH Julius Wolff Institute

Sara Checa - Manfred Zehn - Georg Duda

kathj's picture Jonas

Building a Platform for Fast Track Development and Characterization of Engineered Antigen Receptors | MD/PhD
BIH Center for Regenerative Therapies

Scientific mentoring Committee: Michael Schmück-Henneresse - Hans-Dieter Volk - Dimitrious Laurin Wagner

akirilenko's picture Anastasiia

Dynamics of vascular organisation in immune experienced compared to inexperienced mouse models during bone healing | Engineering
BIH - Julius Wolff Institute of Biomechanics and Musculoskeletal Regeneration

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Georg Duda - Anja Hauser - Katharina Schmidt-Bleek

rknecht's picture Raphael

Smart biomaterials for local immune modulation to steer the intrinsic healing response in bone healing | Engineering Track
BIH Julius Wolff Institute

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Georg Duda - David Mooney - Katharina Schmidt-Bleek

pkneifel's picture Paul

Biomechanics of the tibiofemoral and patellofemoral joint in total knee arthroplasty – kinematics, contact mechanics, internal loading, their interplay and governing factors | Engineering Track
BIH Julius Wolff Institute

Georg Duda - Sara Checa - Adam Trepczynski

mkollert's picture Matthias

Effect of osmotic modulation of ECM on cell-matrix interaction | Engineering Track
BIH Julius Wolff Institute

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Georg Duda - David Mooney

tkostevc's picture Tomislav

Mitochondrial and metabolic functions of tolerogenic myeloid cells | Biology
Institute of Medical Immunology

Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Birgit Sawitzki Andreas Thiel - Nadine Biesemann