BSRT Graduate School

PhD Students

Name and Nationality Project, Institute and Track
mkollert's picture Matthias

Effect of osmotic modulation of ECM on cell-matrix interaction | Engineering Track
BIH Julius Wolff Institute

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Georg Duda - David Mooney

tkostevc's picture Tomislav

Mitochondrial and metabolic functions of tolerogenic myeloid cells | Biology
Institute of Medical Immunology

Scientific Mentoring Comittee: Birgit Sawitzki Andreas Thiel - Nadine Biesemann

mkuffner's picture Melanie

Inflammation triggers plasticity and functional recovery long-term after stroke | Biology Track
Charité - Department of Neurology with Experimental Neurology

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Christoph Harms - Ulrich Dirnagl - Hans-Dieter Volk

S.Kurmies's picture Sebastian

The search for the holy stromal cell - Identification and characterization of specialized and regenerative stromal cell populations to accelerate cartilage repair | Biology Track

Scientific Mentoring Committe: Annemarie Lang - Christof Schütte  - Mir-Farzin Mashreghi - Vikram Sunkara

Bianca_Kühl's picture Bianca

Developing a photo polymerisation based 3D bioprinting for personalized wound treatment in 0 gravity | Engineering Track
Cellbricks & BIH Julius Wolff Institute

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Lutz Kloke - Georg Duda

h.lyubenova's picture Hristiana

The role of TGDS in skeletal development and the pathomechanism of Catel Manzke syndrome | Biology Track
Institute of Medical Genetics and Human Genetics

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Nadja Ehmke - Uwe Kornak - Björn Fischer-Zirnsak

stefania.martini's picture Stefania

Organ on a Chip – new model systems to test ATMPs | Biology
BIH Center for Regenerative Therapies

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Hans-Dieter Volk - Anja Hauser - Regina Stark

imatz's picture Isabell

Inflammation in heart failure | Biology Track
BIH Center for Regenerative Therapies

Sientific Mentoring Committee: Sophie van Linthout - Martina Seifert - Kathleen Pappritz

mehlj's picture Julia

Fibronectin binding peptide as mechanosensor to detect the tensional state of fibronectin fibers in bone remodelling processe | Engineering Track
BIH Julius Wolff Institute

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Georg Duda - Viola Vogel 

Ann-Kathrin Meß's picture Ann-Kathrin

The role of the phenotype of regulatory T cells during bone healing and regenration | Biology
BIH Julius Wolff Institute

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Katharina Schmidt-Bleek - Hans-Dieter Volk