BSRT Graduate School

PhD Students

Name and Nationality Project, Institute and Track
esoodmand's picture Ehsan

Mechanically driven cellular self-organization and soft tissue patterning in bone healing | Engineering Track
BIH Julius Wolff Institute

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Sara Checa - Ansgar Petersen - Georg Duda

andreiasilveira's picture Andreia
Sousa da Silveira

Micro and nano structure property relations in cellular versus acellular fishbone | Engineering Track
Charité - Department of Dental Preservation and Preventive Dentistry

Scientific Mentroring Commitee: Paul Zaslansky - Claudia Fleck - Ron Shahar

spinnenj's picture Jacob

Native human joint model | MD/PhD
BIH Center for Regenerative Therapies

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Michael Sittinger - Carsten Rendenbach - Tilo Dehne

stadter_janina's picture Janina

Biomaterial-induced endochondral ossification for bone regeneration | Biology Track
BIH Julius Wolff Institute

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Ansgar Petersen - Jens Kurreck - Ingo Henschel - Andreas Höß

nstelzer's picture Nina

Bone-on-a-Chip system for preclinical investigations of new therapeutic approaches for autosomal recessive osteopetrosis | Biology Track
BIH Center for Regnerative Therapies

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Sven Geißler - Uwe Kornak - Sina Bartfeld

tranvokn's picture Kieu Nhi
Tran Vo

(Viet Nam)
Adrenal Differentiation of human PBMC-derived iPS Cells | Biology Track
BIH - Hypertension and Molecular Biology of Endocrine Tumors

Scientifc Mentoring Committee: Ute Scholl - Harald Stachelscheid

zuyar's picture Zehra

Imitation of the long-lived plasma cell survival niche of the human bone marrow | Engineering Track
TU - Medical Biotechnology

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Roland Lauster - Andreas Thiel - Henrik Mei - Mark Rosowski - Shirin Kadler

jweihs's picture Julian

Identification of the transcriptional code for theapeutic reprogramming of liver fibrosis-driving cell types into fully functional hepatocytes in human model systems | Biology
Department of Pediatrics

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Milad Rezvani - Nils Haep - Dubravka Vucicevic

fyergoz's picture Fatih

Modulation of the opioid system by mediators of tissue injury and inflammation | Biology Track
Charité - Workspace of Experimental Anesthesiology

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Christoph Stein - Britta Siegmund -  Melih Özgür Celik

Zarrinrg's picture Ghazaleh

Immunosuppression-resistant T cell products for advanced adoptive T cell therapy | Biology Track
BIH Center for Regenerative Therapies

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Petra Reinke - Julia Polansky-Biskup - Michael Schmück-Henneresse - Leila Amini