BSRT Graduate School

PhD Students

Name and Nationality Project, Institute and Track
zuyar's picture Zehra

Imitation of the long-lived plasma cell survival niche of the human bone marrow | Engineering Track
TU - Medical Biotechnology

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Roland Lauster - Andreas Thiel - Henrik Mei - Mark Rosowski - Shirin Kadler

jweihs's picture Julian

Identification of the transcriptional code for theapeutic reprogramming of liver fibrosis-driving cell types into fully functional hepatocytes in human model systems | Biology
Department of Pediatrics

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Milad Rezvani - Nils Haep - Dubravka Vucicevic

fyergoz's picture Fatih

Modulation of the opioid system by mediators of tissue injury and inflammation | Biology Track
Charité - Workspace of Experimental Anesthesiology

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Christoph Stein - Britta Siegmund -  Melih Özgür Celik

s_young's picture Sarah

3D visualization and characterization of the early bone metastatic niche: from cancer cell homing to small osteolytic lesions | Engineering Track
Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Amaia Cipitria - Petra Knaus - Peter Fratzl

Zarrinrg's picture Ghazaleh

Immunosuppression-resistant T cell products for advanced adoptive T cell therapy | Biology Track
BIH Center for Regenerative Therapies

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Petra Reinke - Julia Polansky-Biskup - Michael Schmück-Henneresse - Leila Amini

Zhousijia's picture Sijia

Mechanism of Regenerative Cell Action in Osteoarthritis (MORCA) | MD/PhD
BIH Julius Wolff Institute

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Tobias Winkler - Georg Duda - Tazio Maleitzke