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Admission to Do a Doctoral Degree

This information is only important for those who have been already accepted to the program of the BSRT.


Depending on the track BSRT students will receive a Dr. rer. nat. (Biology Track, Engineering Track), a Dr.-Ing. (Engineering Track), or a Dr. vet. med. (Biology Track). Those degrees are highly recognised throughout the world and considered analogue to a PhD degree. In Germany, only the faculties of the Universities can award academic degrees. Candidates who are accepted to the BSRT are not automatically matriculated and admitted to do a doctoral degree at Berlin or Potsdam's Universities. This requires a further administrative process.


Step 1: Each BSRT student needs the support of a professor who has the authorisation to award doctoral degrees at one Berlin or Potsdam's Universities. Your supervisor at the BSRT may not necessarely be authorised to do this and you need to find an official supervisor at one of these Universities. As soon as you start at the BSRT, you must discuss with your supervisor or mentoring committee at which University you should do your doctoral degree and which professor would be suitable to award the degree. You need to contact this professor and ask whether he or she agrees to be the official supervisor of your doctoral thesis.


Step 2: When you know your official supervisor you must apply for admission to do a doctoral degree (Zulassung zur Promotion) at the respective University. Each university has slightly different procedures and forms to fill in. You can find brief description when you click on the links at the end of this page.

International students who did receive their Master's or equivalent degree from outside Germany need a confirmation that their degree is equivalent. The BSRT coordination office will do a first check, but a final decision can only be made by the University when they issue the "Zulassung zur Promotion". Sometimes international students may be required to do further course work or sit a test at this University.


Step 3: Once you have submitted the paper work at the respective doctoral administration (Promotionsbüro) it may take another three to four weeks before you receive the confirmation letter with the "Zulassung zur Promotion". With this letter you can then matriculate at the university to receive the student ID card and the public transport ticket.

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