BSRT Graduate School

Available Projects

Available Projects

All projects will be funded by the Einstein Center for Regenerative Therapies (ECRT) and beginn in January 2020. In the first your the potential candidates receive a stipend for doctoral researchers and afer successful re-evaluation will be funded for another two years on a doctoral reseracher position. 




Project 1: Role of human extracellular matrix properties in central nervous system regeneration

Scientific Mentoring Committee: Sarah-Christin SaroßomAnsgar PetersenHarald Stachelscheid



Project 2: A chemokine system to unleash T cells against solid cancer

Scientific Mentoring Committe: Tino Vollmer, Michael Schmück-HenneresseHans-Dieter Volk



Project 3: Building a Platform for Fast Track Development and Characterization of Engineered Antigen Receptors

Scientific Mentoring Committe: Dimitrios Laurin Wagner, Michael Schmück-HenneresseHans-Dieter Volk



Project 4: Differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) into regulatory T cells (Tregs) using epigenetic editing

Scientific Mentoring Committe: Christopher KresslerJulia Polansky-BiskupHarald Stachelscheid



Project 5: Cellular senescence in mechano-sensation and ECM organization

Scientific Mentoring Committe: Erik BrauerAnsgar PetersenUwe Kornak



Project 6: Organoid disease models for spinal muscular atrophy

Scientific Mentoring Committe: Angélica Garciá PérezMina GoutiMarkus Schülke