BSRT Graduate School

Scientific Mentoring Committee

In order to encourage interdisciplinary work, all doctoral researchers of the BSRT are supported by a scientific mentoring committee comprising two supervisors who are members of the BSRT faculty.

The first supervisor is the PI of the research group in which the doctoral researchers carry out their research work. The second supervisor comes from a different discipline. Clinical scientists are supported by a clinical supervisor and a scientific supervisor. Where applicable, the scientific mentoring committee also has a third supervisor who is often a post-doc or young group leader assisting the doctoral researcher on a day-to-day basis in the laboratory.

The senior scientists assist the doctoral researcher in developing their personal education and research plan, discuss the progress of their work and advise the doctoral researcher in their highly interdisciplinary research projects.

Planning & Reporting

  • Each doctoral researcher and their scientific mentoring committee have to sign a Supervision Agreement at the beginning of their collaboration.
  • In the first six month at the start of their project, doctoral researchers have to write a Project Proposal and present it to their scientific mentoring committee for discussion.
  • At the subsequent scientific mentoring meetings at least once a year (the aspiration is twice a year), the doctoral researchers have to submit Progress Reports describing the work activities and project milestones achieved or revised project milestones for further discussion. The progress report should be submitted to the scientific mentoring committee and the BSRT coordination offcie two weeks before the meeting comences. A copy of the Minutes of the Mentoring Committe Meeting have to be submitted to the BSRT coordination office.