BSRT Graduate School

PhD Training

Doctoral researchers can design their individual study programm in consultation with their scientific mentoring committee. The minimum credit requirement for doctoral researchers is 30 credits. This education program is also open to the Postdocs and Clinical Scientist at the BSRT on a voluntary basis. 

Total credit requirement: 30 credits

Scientific Education (22.5 credits required)

The Biology, Engineering and Clinician Scientist Tracks at the BSRT offer in-depth education in the specific disciplines as well as training across these disciplines. A new type of scientist will be educated to have not only a profound understanding of their own field, but also a substantial understanding of the associated clinical needs and a broad knowledge in cell biology, molecular biology, bioengineering, biotechnology and biomaterials. Read more...


Complemetary Education (7.5 credits required)

Success in a professional career depends not only on technical and scientific knowledge but also on skills such as communication and the ability to work in a team as well as knowledge of business and economics. The study program offers a variety of courses and workshops in complementary skills which are suitable to advance a career in science. Read more...